There are many theories and arguments of who invented ice cream many thousands of years ago. The fact is, so many food fads have come and gone but Ice Cream remains a favourite among all food lovers regardless of age.

Since 1995, London Ice Cream has continued to tantalize taste buds with its creamy old fashion ice cream taste. Alan Sargant opened London Ice Cream in 1994 with the sole purpose to make quality ice cream. Alan sold the business to the current owner in 2006. Our ice cream is made batch by batch the old fashion way and each tub is hand filled to ensure quality.

We love our fans and we certainly feel the love from them through social media posting pictures enjoying our ice cream. Whether your 2 or 102, people smile when they hear "ice cream". The best part of spreading the love of London Ice Cream is seeing the reactions of faces when we are sampling and hearing comments like "I forgot how good ice cream tastes until now".

Today you can find London Ice Cream outside the city of London Canada. Many scoops shops, Restaurants and food retailers are proud to serve London Ice Cream made "the way it used to be."

Today London Ice Cream produces over 120 unique and amazing flavours. Quality at London Ice Cream is Number 1. We do not make Ice Milk or Frozen Desserts. We make Ice Cream.

We have many award winning flavours. Moosetracks, Happy Birthday, Peanut Butter Mudpuddle and our Acadian Vanilla flavour profile has become a favourite for many Canadians. The hint of Maple syrup completes it Eh!

Today we employ over 30 people. We enjoy what we do and you can taste it in our Ice Cream. Look for it and if your retailer, Restaurant or Scoop shop doesn't offer it.
Demand that they do.